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Iron Kettle Brewing

About us

The history of Iron Kettle Brewing hails back to ancient Scotland where the family lineage can also be traced.

Currently, the Iron Kettle Clan is led by the Fenstermakers who are craft brewers right here in the Heart of America. Their dream is to bring the taste and charm of some of Scotland's most famous pubs to America.

The Iron Kettle Clan

In the Iron Kettle Kingdom, Jason is the Archduke and takes charge of operations when the King is away. Brian is our Master of Potions and is known as the "the Kilted Brewing Guy" as he is often seen proudly wearing his family tartan and colors. The other two keepers of the Kingdom are Ben, the Herald of the Kingdom, and James, the House Steward of Iron Kettle.

The Iron Kettle Kingdom of beers features such notable ales as Merlin's Magic Amber, Ritter Von Pilsner, Archduke Ale, Peasant Wheat, and O'Connell's Irish Ale.

The Iron Kettle Clan is bringing a taste of the Old World to America, from true Scottish ales to Irish, English and German-style ales. Independently owned, all of our craft beers are locally produced with an emphasis on new craft flavors and varied brewing techniques as our kingdom expands.